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Britain: Medieval Lifestyle to Regency—An Era of Change
By Diana Cosby, Author of [amazon_textlink asin=’B07KDXCY8J’ text=’Forbidden Alliance‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’victoriamag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’32267b07-dc75-42e9-94a3-6c8366d8d2ec’], The Forbidden Series

The growth of cultures is dependent on the stability of the country, if its assets are available for trade, industry, or utilized for war. 

Medieval Era

During the medieval time frame, England was often engaged in war with its bordering countries or those a short sail away: Vikings, Scottish, Irish, and the French. Their lifestyle was driven by the desire for power and the need to survive. 

A person’s skill determined his or her value. Knights were in held high esteem as protectors of their liege lord’s holdings—warriors used to defend the realm, attack a foe, or capture an enemy. Blacksmiths who crafted weapons, other instruments of war, and tools for everyday use, along with master builders who crafted castles and structures of defense, were held in high regard. 

Though nobility enjoyed the luxuries of high-quality goods, the wise lords kept their coffers filled and warriors well equipped, highly trained, and on alert. Attacking forces not only presented danger but often seized food stores, along with destroying crops and livestock, leaving those left behind struggling to find a daily meal. Celebrations were held within castles, but due to the constant threat from rivals, when traveling was involved, it was done with caution, usually accompanied by a contingent of warriors guarding the nobility to ensure they arrived safely. 

Regency Era

Years past the medieval time frame, the Regency era was a time of robust change for the English empire. With minimal threat to the British Isles, the culture shifted from one focused on defense to that of status, comfort, and etiquette, with the Prince Regent often indulging in excess. Being an aristocrat during the Regency era didn’t mean you had to be a warrior but born into nobility, the upper ruling class.

During this period, being in fashion, of social standing, and having connections were critical to a young woman with hopes to marry well. Proper etiquette guided her every move, from her dialogue and dress to matters of courtship.

In addition to the focus on fashion, without the threat of war, literature, the arts, and industry were on the rise. And how could you talk about the Regency era without the mention of Jane Austin or the invention of the stethoscope, the steam locomotive, the bicycle, and the camera? This dynamic time frame boasted many innovations.

The medieval and Regency era each made marks in history that still resonate today.

About Forbidden Alliance

Bound by revenge, a woman turned outlaw and a knight sworn to reclaim his birthright unite to vanquish an enemy of Scotland . . .

After her family is slain and her home seized, Elspet McReynolds flees into the forests surrounding Tiran Castle, where she resorts to thievery to survive and save her sole remaining kin. There she finds an unexpected protector and ally in Sir Cailin MacHugh, rightful heir to the earldom of Dalkirk—a noble rumored to have perished at sea.

Sir Cailin MacHugh owes his life to the Brotherhood for saving him from a murderous plot. But what is the Knight Templar to do about the fearless, sword-wielding beauty who has enlisted his aid—and awakened his desire? In the face of devastating betrayals and traitorous enemies closing in, can Cailin and Elspet dare claim a love that makes no promises—for a future they may not live to see?

About the Author

A retired navy chief, Diana Cosby is an international best-selling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense. Books in her award-winning MacGruder Brothers series have been translated into five languages. Diana has spoken at the Library of Congress and at Lady Jane’s Salon in New York City, and she has appeared in Woman’s Day; on USA Today’s romance blog, Happy Ever After; and on

After her career in the navy, Diana dove into her passion: writing romance novels. With thirty-four moves behind her, she was anxious to create characters who reflected the amazing cultures and people she has met throughout the world. After the release of the best-selling MacGruder Brothers series, The Oath Trilogy, and the first four books of The Forbidden Series, she is now working on the fifth book, Forbidden Realm, to be released April 14, 2020. Visit Diana at at or on Facebook.

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