Five Favorite Scone Recipes

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

A classic pairing with a warm cup of tea, the scone takes many shapes and can be made with a variety of flavors to suit diverse palates. We have selected a delightful list of recipes for you to share with loved ones when you gather, no matter the season.

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

Treasured friends are connected by many threads—among them, the pursuit of common interests, a reverence for tradition, and the simple pleasure of social communion. In the custom of afternoon tea, we find all of these attributes. Celebrate the blessing of companionship by serving Fig-and-Honey Scones.

Photography Kimberly Finkel Davis
Styling Lindsay Keith Kessler
Recipe Development and Food Chantel Lambeth

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

When the flowers are in bloom and the sun’s rays are shining brightly in a cerulean sky, taking time to enjoy the loveliness of the day by sharing tea with a few friends can provide just the refreshment the heart requires. Prepare inspired settings and Dried Apricot Scones for a welcoming gathering where guests will feel honored and cherished, and memorable moments can be shared.

Photography John O’Hagan
Styling Adrienne Aldredge Williams
Recipe Development and Food Aimee Bishop Lindsey

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

Treasure the company of dear ones who gather to sample a feast of sentimental favorites, including our Red Velvet Scones with Cream Cheese Glaze, certain to cause hearts to flutter.

Photography Stephanie Melbourne Steele
Styling Yukie McLean
Recipe Development and Food Rebecca Treadwell Spradling

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

Anyone can experience regal treatment with an extravagant bouquet of fresh blooms, chosen to match the colors of the best china and setting the stage for a gracious afternoon. Pass around gleaming silver trays of dainty Lavender Cream Scones, tea sandwiches, herb-strewn savories, and flower-bedecked sweets—all worthy of a queen.

Styling Lucy W. Herndon
Recipe Development and Food Janet Lambert

Five Favorite Scone Recipes

Perfect for a Christmastime tea celebration, these White Chocolate Peppermint Scones with Candy Cane Cream are sure to offer tidings of comfort and joy to guests who come to call during the holidays.

Photography Marcy Black Simpson
Recipe Development and Food Rebecca Treadwell Spradling & Loren Wood

For more sweet and savory recipes to be shared with friends, see the Victoria Classics Tea Pleasures 2019 issue, available on newsstands and at



  1. I adore your magazine. It is where one may enjoy a spot of tea as well as a spot of refinement. It is always full of fresh flowers, delicious-looking treats and Victorian elegance!


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