Five Design Secrets for Creating a Gracious Home

Five Design Secrets for Creating a Gracious Home

Brighten dark corners

Color remains an enduring inspiration for this decorator, who finds joy among vivid yellows, greens, and blues punctuated with accents of coral or salmon. She emphasizes the importance of enlivening interiors with natural light. When the Masons purchased their 1926 Tudor cottage, every living room window was hidden behind shutters, sheers, and curtains. “The first thing I did,” Marsha says, “was pull it all down.” She advises coating walls in cheery hues and hanging drapes to frame, rather than conceal, views of the outdoors.


  1. What an awesome story ! I remember this article quite well and really loved the photos which told a story in itself !

    I love the detail as well as the overall look and feel of elegance, sophistication, and comfort. The rooms have great ‘bones’ to them in their architectural presentation and the choice of colours and design details really complete the look !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. A lovely home
    I grew up in country Victoria Australia, in an old Edwardian farmhouse. My mother always said every room should have something to make you smile as you pass by. Some object or family furniture that hold precious memories. I have tried to layer my home in the same way.
    Thank you an inspiring article

  3. One of the first times I have been as one with a decorator…..have you published a book yet? Your rooms are lovely, bright and cheery. Love the colors. Such happy rooms.


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