A Feast of Scottish Splendor

A Feast of Scottish SplendorConcluding the gathering on a sweetly refreshing note, delectable Cranachan Trifle showcases crumbles of fresh-baked shortbread, ruby-hued ribbons of plump raspberries, clouds of decadent whisky cream, sprinklings of crunchy homemade granola, and a garnish of honey.

Text Melissa Lester
Photography Jane Hope and Stephanie Welbourne Steele
Styling Melissa Sturdivant Smith
Recipe Development and Food Styling Jade Sinacori

For more quintessential cuisine from Scotland, see “A Feast of Scottish Splendor” in the September 2019 issue, available at Victoriamag.com.

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  1. This issue is especially beautiful, and I’ve read every word, as I always do! I understand the soup bowl and plate shown
    in the Cullen Skink soup picture are probably privately owned, but if anyone knows the source/brand or could help me connect with the owner of them, I would be so grateful. I love them!!!
    I am so in love with the Victoria mags, I am happy to say I own every issue from the first of the initial issues, before the “suspended” period, through to the present day. I’ll be a subscriber until I die, and as I have no daughters, I can only hope someone deserving of my collection gets them after I am gone. I’ll put them in my will!!!
    Thank you for any help you can provide.
    Kathleen McMahon


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