Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Throughout the years, the pages of Victoria have brought an escape to other worlds, where time stands still and our closest relationships find room to flourish in the welcoming retreat of an inn, hotel, or bed-and-breakfast. We’ve gathered a selection of our dreamiest destinations, from the serenity of the Great Lakes to the rejuvenating sunshine of the West Coast.

Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Hotel Iroquois, Mackinac Island, Michigan

When lilacs scent the air, Becki Barnwell relives her history of growing up at the idyllic Hotel Iroquois. The second-generation innkeeper, alongside sisters Marti and Mary K. McIntire, continues a tradition of hospitality established more than sixty years ago at the waterfront Victorian mansion overlooking the gateway to Great Lakes Huron and Michigan.

Read more about this peaceful retreat and its surrounding terrain in our Cottage Bliss 2019 issue, available in our online shop.

Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Ocean House, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Ocean House’s signature sunny yellow façade has been a welcoming presence on the scenic promontory near Westerly, Rhode Island, for more than a century. The resort’s five-star spa offers the ultimate escape, and dining options, from casual to gourmet, abound. The area’s salt-tinged breezes and unhurried atmosphere have proven irresistible to generations of sea-loving sojourners.

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Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Washington School House, Park City, Utah

The iconic Washington School House, a well-preserved limestone structure built in 1889 as a school, reopened in 2011 as a boutique hotel in Park City, Utah. A heated outdoor pool terraced into the hillside is illuminated by the flame of a steel Olympic torch used during the 2002 winter games.

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Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

In the shadow of Tennessee’s great Smoky Mountains, blackberry bushes ramble and flourish with hardy determination, inspiring a namesake farm, nurtured by a family’s devotion, that has blossomed into a preeminent retreat.

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Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California

Once the world’s largest hotel, the Hotel del Coronado retains the ambiance of a bygone era while treating guests to a spa, shops, and other modern indulgences. Since 1888, this destination has wooed its visitors to revel in timeless luxury.

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Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Beaumont Inn, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Near Lexington, Kentucky, the illustrious Beaumont Inn welcomes guests with signature hospitality. Constructed in 1845, the former school continues as the state’s oldest family-owned bed-and-breakfast. The dining room garners praise for traditional Southern cuisine served in an elegant atmosphere.

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Our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Rose Hill Manor, Stonewall, Texas

Travel down a winding path amid endless fields of wildflowers punctuated with towering oak and cedar trees, and you will find a charming retreat from the world. Nestled in the heart of Texas, Rose Hill Manor delights guests with an experience that is difficult to find and even harder to forget.

Read more about Rose Hill Manor in our Cottage Bliss 2019 issue, available in our online shop.


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