Falling From His Grace by Kristin Vayden

Falling From His Grace by Kristin Vayden


Gossip, Gambling, and Gaming
By Kristin Vayden, Author of Falling From His Grace

Anyone for Whist? What about Hazard? No? What about Charades? While we are familiar with the names and even the rules of some of the mentioned games, we don’t exactly clear our Friday night calendar for a rousing game of Faro.  But in the Regency and Victorian Era, that was considered a perfectly proper evening.  Depending on the venue, it could be a matchmaking mamma’s dream come true, especially if charades got her charge a little closer to the gentleman they were trying to bring up to scratch (propose)! 

But not all card games were proper, rather, not all places the cards were played were proper. In fact, the taste for gambling rose to a fever pitch during the Regency and Victorian eras. Men would spend an ungodly amount of money at Whites. It could be anything from betting on faro game, or placing a bet on if it would rain the next day. Gambling was obsessive, and it was the easiest way to assert your wealth to your peers. 

In “Falling From His Grace” book one in the “Gentlemen of Temptation” series, we get to know the secretive gentlemen’s club that is by invitation only, and thrives on secrets. Because the only thing more important than money, is the secrets that it can hide…or reveal. With society’s constraints on proper behavior, you can imagine that gossip, scandal and secrets were another form of currency and even blackmail. Gambling establishments did more than just trade silver and gold for cards…it was where gossip often started and how much was truth or false was often left to the imagination. And there was nowhere more imaginative, or desperate, than the temptation of a golden hall of gambling! 

So next time you pull out Guesstures, or shuffle your deck of cards, smile to yourself and be thankful that you’re just playing a game, not tempting fate! 

About Falling From His Grace

Welcome to a London Gaming Hell like no other. A place where anonymity is your security—no names, no faces, no strings. But that doesn’t mean no surprises . . .

Lucas Mayfield, the Eighth Earl of Heightford, couldn’t be more pleased with the private club that is his brainchild. But when a young courtesan at the club’s masquerade appears far too innocent, his suspicions are raised—along with his interest. Until her gleaming hair tumbles down and he recognizes her as the Duke of Chatterwood’s beautiful daughter. How did the minx even know the place existed? And how has he allowed himself to give in to temptation and kiss her? More perplexing: she has vowed the kiss won’t be the last.

Liliah Durary’s father has cruelly demanded she marry her best friend, Meyer, though no romantic feeling exists between them. In fact, Meyer and Liliah’s other best friend, Rebecca, are truly in love. Liliah sees only one option: She and Meyer will maintain a platonic marriage until some other arrangement can be made. Still, she intends to experience pleasure before she is wed. An intriguing new club seems the perfect place—and when Lucas Mayfield kisses her, he seems the perfect other arrangement she seeks. All Liliah has to do is convince him.

About the Author

Kristin Vayden is the author of twenty books and anthologies. She is an acquisitions editor for a boutique publishing house, and helps mentor new authors. Her passion for writing started young, but only after her sister encouraged her to write did she fully realize the joy and exhilaration of writing a book. Her books have been featured in many places, including the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family show. Learn more about Kristin at kristinvayden.weebly.com or on the social media platforms below.


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