Fall Flourishes

Fall Flourishes

Above: A vibrant medley of foliage, mixed with flowers, berries, and fern fronds arranged in a silver vase, forms the focal point of a display that also brings in other harvest-time components: pears, persimmons, and miniature white pumpkins.

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Marcy Black Simpson
Styling Yukie McLean

For more Thanksgiving decorating ideas, see “Fall Flourishes” on page 51 in the Victoria Classics issue of Autumn Bliss.

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  1. Despite being a born Yankee, I had spent a LOT of years living down south (Florida, etc…) which rarely saw any real seasonal changes. Now that I am living in New England again, I am so happy to have actual seasons – Autumn always being my absolute favourite !

    There is nothing more spectacular about Autumn than being able to simply look out your own window to see an array of breathtaking colours in the leaves of the trees. Orange leaves have always been my favourite and those that particularly remind me of ‘creamsicle’ ice cream leave me smiling and overflowing with tranquility and peace !

    The coolness and crispness of the air coupled with the excitement of pulling out worn but comfortable warm sweaters, are experiences only Autumn can bring each of us.

    Autumn is an amazing season ! I thank the Lord for all the seasons, but even He knows my passion for Autumn over all others !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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