Exploring the World of Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

Generations of girls have enjoyed the heartwarming tales of Anne Shirley, better known as Anne of Green Gables. Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery drew upon her own childhood experiences to create the stories, which take place in the fictional village of Avonlea, inspired by the true-life community of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. The picturesque area holds many wonderful sights to explore; here are a few of our favorite spots.

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  1. Hello Victoria Bliss:
    Victoria’s very 1st magazine publication featured Anne of Green Gables. I was not 10 yrs married then and still getting used to this idyllic green haven. Born and bred Torontonian Made for quite a shock to a downtown, working, commuting city girl to ….. needing a car or a bike or enjoy walking country roads no matter the weather with few if any street lights, that also had few sidewalks. But my husband and I have just celebrated 40 yrs of marriage and I have to say that I am thrilled to call this little green “Cradle in the Waves” my home now. My life has veered significantly by choosing to marry into a “Loyalist Family” and I honestly would not have wanted to see the last 40 years pass any where but here.
    I go on regular “larks to the North Shore” or as it is fondly referred to here as “Anne’s Land” and I am reminded very quickly just how vast this world is and how small I truly am to the ebb and flow of this universe that holds our lives together, yet when I pick up a Victoria Bliss Magazine and read and view all that is hidden in the glossy pages I feel utterly connected to so many place and the world doesn’t feel as vast anymore.
    If you get the chance do come east and stand at the edge of a tide who boundaries are drawn by an invisible hand and breathe the sea air and let your lungs hurt with the purity of the air and stand as quiet as possible in a green field and let the silent hurt your ears and then find one of the high Hills on the coast and let your eyes stare far away until they want to close because they don’t want to hurt with the strain of seeing nothing but ocean and blinding sunlight bouncing off the waves; and your will go back to your normal life leaving a little or a lot of your heart here. I cannot live anywhere but here now …… the Island has spoiled me fully for anything less, but life on the Atlantic seems to creep into our hearts and souls and we don’t even realize. So please come visit my Island.

  2. So lovely and sweet for all ages of females. Let me add one thing, my husband enjoyed the purity of it.too He is a true love and respect for women.

  3. From the moment I met and fell in love with “Anne girl” , I have dreamed of visiting Prince Edwards Island and walking the land of my dreams. Victoria magazine is it possible to have a contest of some sort whose Grand Prize would be a few days in my idea of Heaven?

  4. My husband and I visited the island several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. We were told that government monies had been given to “spruce up” the homes to make them look more like readers would want them to be. (And indeed they do.)
    It surprised us to learn that the highest number of foreign travelers who come to tour Anne’s island are from Japan. This is certainly a testament to how beloved Anne and Green Gables have become!

  5. Dear Victoria:

    I am a 70 something woman who, believe it or not, never read Anne of Green Gables until I was a mother in my early 30’s. Since then I have been such a fan and have read the many versions of her books, seen the many movies, and have held a very special place in my heart for that little red head!

    I now write a blog and have made many “friends” who live in the vicinity of Prince Edward Island. My dream is to someday get to visit that beautiful place.

    Over the years I have enjoyed the articles in Victoria that speak of this magical island and the life of L.M. Montgomery along side the antics and adventures of everyone’s dearest girl, and I look forward to the next issue with excitement, as I always do.

    Thank you for such a beautiful magazine.

    Judy Neumann

  6. I wasn’t lucky enough to have discovered Anne of Green Gables as a young girl. I learned about the life of Anne and her beloved Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, and Lucy Maud Montgomery as an adult. Being dyslexic I found reading quit hard as a young girl. Reading wasn’t one of my favorite things to do so I lost out on many exciting adventures most children experience through reading. As an adult I watched Anne of Green Gables on television and that made me go out and buy the book. I read every word, and like so many Anne and Lucy became my friends, my kindred spirit. I made sure my daughters, son and grandchildren experienced Anne Shirley, Marilla, Matthew, Diane, Gilbert, and all the others. One day I was exploring in a book store and a book about Lucy Maud Montgomery and her beloved Prince Edward Island fell from a shelf and hit me on the head. Being a kindred spirit of Anne and Lucy I took it as a omen that I must visit Prince Edward Island to complete the circle so to speak. To date I have not been able to do so other than through the books, movies, and magazine articles. I am almost 70 now and refuse to give up my dream of a visit to Prince Edward Island to walk the streets and countryside that Anne and Lucy so loved, just as I never gave up on my dream of getting my own horse. I got my first horse at age 67. My horse, Cooper and I trail ride and camp together. Never give up your dreams!

  7. This June the L.M. Montgomery Institute at the University of Prince Edward Island is holding their biennial conference (see http://www.lmmontgomery.ca for details). I went last time and it was a blast. It’s an academic conference, with papers delivered on Montgomery’s writings – this year the topic is “gender” , which will cover a lot of ground, I can assure you! But it’s not all academics and scholars; a good number of the attendees are rabid I mean devoted fans, who know Montgomery’s works inside and out and are serious collectors and a jolly group of women.

    The lilacs will still be blooming!

  8. Mckay1890

    I have owned s summer home in Prince Edward Island for 16 years and could not be happier..I think the warmth of the people make the province so wonderful as well as the beautiful natural landscape of the Island…My home is an old farmhouse with a beautiful barn which I renovated into a guest cottage..I probably was one of the first to recreate a barn into a cottage because most PEI residents need and use the barns for their farming businesses…my barn has been photographed and an interest to anyone who passes by….I also was interviewed on the local radio station for my thoughts on restoring s barn. Finally, there is a special area called O’Learey where I also purchased a 2 acre parcel on the Ocean with my ow Anne of Green Gables cliff as I like to describe it on Lady Slipper Drive..we recently moved a small cottage there which originally was a 100 year old blacksmith’s shop and made it into a cottage with a pot belly stove and loft just charming with fields of lupine and wild flowers and where at nite you look at the sky and see the sunset and the most magnificent constellations..and when we first arrive for our stay it takes about a day and then the Island makes you stop the rushing and enjoy every natural breathtaking moment of Prince Edward Island.

  9. Be sure to read the Journals of LM Montgomery and all the books about LmMontgomery. not just the novels she wrote .To really understandLM Montgomery you must do this visit the areas where she taught .Research how the people lived on PEI in her lifetime only then will you scratch the true surface of life on the Island .Life for an orphan was not all roses by far . Read and research her life in Ontario and her life as a mother and a ministers wife .The trials of a husband with mental illness and realizing on your wedding day you made the worst mistake of your life .

  10. A well-timed republication Victoria coming up to the tourist season for people who would love to explore the idyllic east coast of Canada what a perfect vacation spot … miles of white sandy beaches … our iconic little redhead that made the east coast of Canada famous and all the wonderful Rolling Green Hills Welcome to My Island.


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