Explore Orchard House: Home to Louisa May Alcott

Explore Orchard House: Home to Louisa May Alcott

For those who grew up reading about Marmee and the March sisters, Orchard House holds a special kind of wonderment. This modest abode in Concord, Massachusetts, was home to author Louisa May Alcott and her family from 1858 to 1877. From a small, half-moon-shaped desk in her upstairs bedroom, she wrote Little Women. Though the account is fictional, she drew heavily from personal experience and used this house as the setting for her story.


  1. I have had the joy of touring Orchard House twice, each time delighting in my visit and the gift shop! How I wish young readers could be more enticed to read Little Women. It is no longer in school curriculums, so I used to tease my students by showing a bit of the movie the day we released for Christmas holidays. Each year several would then read it over the holidays. I’m looking forward to discover the other selections you have planned for your readers.


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