Explore Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

Photo of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

Forged by Native Americans centuries ago, the well-worn path known as the Natchez Trace stretches 440 miles, from Mississippi to Tennessee, and encompasses some of the most picturesque scenery in the United States. Along the trail, the community of Leiper’s Fork offers a picturesque stopping point.

This featured destination from our September issue, offers a bucolic getaway just a short drive from Nashville. Explore horse farms, roam rolling hills, and peek inside local shops, galleries, and charming places to stay.

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Photo of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

The village’s rustic setting fosters 
a sense of tranquility and old-fashioned values. As summer days fade to dusk, families bring blankets and folding chairs to Leiper’s Fork’s Lawnchair Theatre for evenings of movies or musical entertainment. The venue is just behind Leiper’s Creek Gallery, where the work of nationally acclaimed artists is represented in an eclectic collection.

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