Experience the Wonders of Chautauqua

The tranquil waters of Lake Chautauqua shimmer mesmerizingly, but greater reflection can be found along the shores, where multitudes gather annually to participate in a season of enrichment at the venerable Chautauqua Institution.

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  1. Glad you are coming to NYS; we have so many wondrous places and such incredible scenery that you could spend the summer here. And Chautauqua is a marvelous place; we attended a Garrison Keillor radio show there, and also stayed in that wonderful hotel pictured above. Hopefully anyone who comes this way will have a wonderful time.

  2. Hi , I too love this beautiful village ?I have been often there to visit with our old time friends who lived there .for many years .
    Loved the Music Festival especial .And the so lovely hotel.
    I am 90years old now and cannot travel any more . But the memories live on in my heart forever .
    Regards RS

    • Tell me more about Petosky’s Chatauqua. My mother and family have gone for years to the New York site but I am from Michigan and would love to take my husband to northern Michigan. Thank you for your information.

  3. I love Chautauqua! I played in the Chautauqua student orchestra when I was in college! When
    My husband and I visited Chautauqua we enjoyed it together! This past summer I returned to Chautauqua. In one way everything was as good as I remembered, in another way it was even better! Chautauqua offers a combination of charm, history and ideas relevant for living in today’s world. I can hardly wait to go back!


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