Eva Gordon: Artistic Impressions

Eva Gordon

A Toronto-based architect discovered her design skills extend beyond blueprints when she began creating intricately detailed sculptures from simple ceramic clay.

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  1. Can someone please tell me where I can see Eva Gordons complete selections of her work that I can buy? Thanks Alice

  2. Hi Eva, sent you an email last nite, as two regards to the Lemond & Grape 6 title mural , the price please & also would like your phone number as I would like to know are the flower & fruit Titles the same price or are they all different, & how do I go about seeing prices? Can you please help me?
    Thank You
    Karen Day -916771-0638

  3. I am VERY interested in buying some of your exquisite works of art. I just bought two of your pure white plates for my new home in Mississippi, and I would love a fabulous work of your art for my kitchen granite island.

    Your work brings a smile to my face every time I see it…..and since my husband recently passed away, this has not been an easy task!!

    Please let me know how to fulfill a dream of something you have created in my new home!

    • Es realmente muy interesante el programa, quisiera dar mi disponibilidad para el mismo, estoy en italia desde hace once anos cerca de Milan en pequeno pueblito al pie de los alpes sobre el confin Suizo, es una zona muy pintorezca si les interesa espero instrucciones, muchas gracias hasta luego.Gustavo.

  4. Where can I buy Eva Gordon pottery in the Bellevue/Seattle area or order ? Is there a website for her art that is available to buy?

  5. I am looking for Eva Gordon’s miniature vegetables. I have started a collection for a friend and have purchased the peas, carrots, leeks, and radishes. Are there others available? The store where I purchased them have depleted their stock and tell me they can no longer order them. Thank you


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