Endless Pattern Play

Endless Pattern PlayDuring visits home to the U.K., Vanessa continues to expand her vast inventory, scouring Spode and Wedgwood factory stores and attending country house auctions, where the best finds happen during inclement weather when the competition is minimal. Though she supplies china for a wide variety of affairs, Vanessa often partners with Alexis Amaden, who operates the circa 1900 Whitlock Inn, a residence-turned-events venue. In this sublime setting, Vanessa’s medley of splendidly mismatched pieces is a sweet reminder of that spring day nine years ago when a prince wed his beloved and charmed the world.

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Stephanie Welbourne Steele
Styling Melissa Sturdivant Smith

Enjoy the blissful mélange of china patterns from Vanessa’s collection in the March/April 2020 issue, available on newsstands and at Victoriamag.com.


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