Create Your Own Monogram

Create Your Own Monogram

Inspiration abounds for developing a monogram with historical provenance. Combing through old texts yields decorative letters and striking motifs that imbue modern incarnations with classic appeal. Design elements can be scanned from books in the public domain, and many images are already available online. Researching royal insignias reveals striking ancestral emblems, and viewing vintage silver and linen illuminates enchanting letter styles. Deriving a monogram from an existing family cipher looks toward the future while paying homage to the legacy of the past.

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  1. Those who know me as a great fan of embroidered goods have all contacted me to be sure to see this blog article!

    Yes, I admit I am in love with embroidered & monogrammed linens for the table and bed and have been so since I first started seeing Victoria magazine back in the late 1980’s. I did not grow up with such luxuries, so it was a very new and fascinating concept for me. I started to collect small table napkins then tablecloths and somehow it expanded to bedsheets, shams, pillowcases, etc… I’ve never really cared much if the monogrammed initials matched my own or not – it had a history that really intrigued me and I felt privileged to be a part of it.

    Today my largest collection of embroidered items with monograms is small tea table cloths measuring 36″ or slightly less to place on top of small tea tables. Many of these came with matching napkins and are such a delight to share with friends on the terrace in the Spring and Autumn when the temperatures are just perfect for tea outdoors!

    Thanks to eBay, I have found gorgeous embroidered and monogrammed items from all around the world!

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. I often wonder if there is a proper initial or initials to use for monograms – last name, or first-middle-last; is it proper to use one’s first initial only?

    • Hello, there are many different ways to feature your monogram. You can use your first initial or last initial only. You can also have monograms featuring your first, middle, and last initials.


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