How to Craft a Handmade Christmas

How to Craft a Handmade Christmas

Keeping an Advent calendar has been a cherished custom since the mid-1800s, when many families used candles or wooden blocks to count down from December 1 to Christmas Day. This charming take on the tradition features an interpretation of the tussie-mussie sewn from bits of toile.

  1. Sew twenty-five V-shaped pockets with scraps of fabric.
  2. Inside the top corners of each pocket, hand-stitch lengths of wired ribbon for hanging.
  3. Number the assortment with embroidery, charms, or adhesive figures.
  4. Fill with sweet treats, or tuck a posy of dried or silk blossoms into each cone.


  1. Is it possible to find out where the red and white cathedral toile fabric used at the top of the stocking can be found for purchase?


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