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What Is A Cloud Architect? How Can You Become One?
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Cloud Architect is a buzzword you've seen. In this article I will outline the role of a cloud architect and then go over the credentials and qualifications required for becoming one. If you choose to pursue this profession, I'll also list the jobs available.  
What is an Cloud Architect?  
Cloud computing architecture is the elements and subcomponents that are required for cloud computing. They typically consist of a back-end platform, front-end platform, cloud-based delivery and a network. The components that make up cloud computing architecture. Cloud computing design is built on architectural processes and techniques that have been designed over the last 20 or some years.  
A Cloud architect is accountable for translating the technical requirements of a plan into the designs and the architecture that be the basis for the product. In most cases, Cloud Architects are also responsible for bridging the gaps between complex business challenges and cloud-based solutions. Other members of the technology team, such as DevOps engineers and developers collaborate together with Cloud Architects. Cloud Architect to ensure that the right technology or technologies are in use.  
What are the initial skills required?  
You should have a solid experience in cloud computing or a related technical area if you want to be a Cloud Architect. If you are comfortable with all the following ideas, or at least a few of them, then you are likely on the right path. Otherwise, I'd suggest doing some preliminary research or study in these areas before you start working on the Cloud Architect role.  
Good knowledge of at least one operating system:Linux, Unix Solaris, Ubuntu and Windows. I prefer any Linux operating system (e.g. Ubuntu or Red Hat), but previous experience as an administrator/architect in any of these popular operating systems could be useful.  
Good understanding of networking:TCP/IP, IP addresses, DNS, HTTP. I suggest that you acquire some familiarity with these concepts prior to assuming the role of cloud architect.  
Programming languages for computers:It is recommended that you have at least some knowledge of a scripting or programming language. It's not a must however, it could aid.  
SecurityCloud security is vital. Cloud architects must be aware of essential security concepts. This means that a fundamental understanding of some fundamental security concepts like firewalls is necessary.  
The above list is by no means complete. If you're looking to become a Cloud Architect, you will require a strong technical background.  
What's the next step?  
If you've fulfilled the requirements, then how do you get Cloud Architect certified? It's all based on the cloud platform you select:  
AWS Associate This certification demonstrates technical competence in designing and deploying fault-tolerant, scalable and highly accessible systems using AWS. This article will help you prepare for the exam and also provides more details about the resources offered by Cloud Academy to help you succeed.  
Microsoft Azure  
Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect -(PDF) Microsoft Azure is an emerging market leader. The certification requires proficiency in compute, network, storage and security in order to create solutions that operate on Azure. To be able to obtain the Azure Solutions Architect certification you must pass two exams: AZ-300 and the AZ-301 exam. You do not need to pass any Associate-level tests before taking these ones. The exam for AZ300 is focused on Azure technologies and the AZ301 exam concentrates more on design. Cloud Academy offers two Learning Paths that provide specific technology and design concepts that allow you to easily deploy, configure, and maintain Microsoft Azure architecture.  
Exam Preparation for the AZ-300 Exam Technologies to prepare for Microsoft Azure Architects  
AZ301 Exam Preparation The design of an Azure Architecture  
Google Cloud Platform  
Professional Cloud Architect - A Cloud Architect is a professional who assists organizations in leveraging Google Cloud technologies. With a deep understanding of cloud architectures and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop and maintain robust, safe, scalable, adaptable, and flexible solutions that help achieve business goals.  
I'm a Certified cloud architect, websites, Now what?  
This certification opens up many new job opportunities after passing the test. There are many opportunities you might not have considered. Some of the most innovative companies working with big data simply couldn't do anything without the assistance of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform Certified Solutions Architects.  
AWS has more than one million customers , and allows for flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Some of the companies using big data within AWS include General Electric, IBM, Splunk, and the Weather Company. Medical companies could offer you the opportunity to work on a solution that analyzes the genomes of patients in order to predict disease. Expedia makes use of AWS for hosting their "Expedia Service," which is a service that provides travel recommendations. Don't forget one of AWS's largest customers, Netflix. Netflix has entrusted AWS with highly-available and fault-tolerant streaming of its films and media. Because of the enormous quantity and the fluctuating patterns of usage of its clients, Netflix relies on Amazon's infrastructure capabilities to scale quickly, server, and storage deployment. I'm sure they've employed hundreds, if not thousands of AWS Solutions architects.  
Microsoft Azure has the fastest-growing cloud provider. It allows you to develop, test, deploy as well as manage and maintain applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. A handful of companies using Azure include Adobe, Apple iCloud, Ebay, Travelocity, Samsung, Xerox, the NFL and NBC. Be certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, and then go for the many open Azure Cloud Architect positions.  
Google Cloud Platform has customers including Target, PayPal and 20th Century Fox. It runs on the same infrastructure Google utilizes internally to power its consumer products. As a Professional Cloud Architect, you could look into the Google Cloud Solution Architect positions.  
Cloud Architect is a key job that is in high demand, and the possibilities are endless. With the projected rapid growth of cloud computing over the next couple of decades and the possibility of becoming a Certified Cloud Architect will be the ideal career path. It also gives you the chance to gain knowledge about the most exciting new technology that is expected to come out in the cloud realm.



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