Comforts from the Cottage Table

Comforts from the Cottage TableBringing together tastes of late summer and early fall, Apple and Blackberry Crisp greets the first brisk day of the coming season with a delicious cobbler. The traditional crumble boasts a bubbly fruit compote of sweet-tart Pink Lady apples and plump, juicy berries with a golden-brown topping of brown sugar and oats. Served warm, the baked delight reaches perfection with the contrast of a chilled crème anglaise, a rich custard sauce infused with vanilla bean and poured over the dessert for a mouthwatering finish.

Text Melissa Lester
Photography Stephanie Welbourne Steele
Styling Melissa Sturdivant Smith
Recipe Development Laura Crandall and Tricia Manzanero
Food Styling Erin Merhar

To see more deliciousness from “Comforts from the Cottage Table,” see the September 2021 issue, available at

September 2021 issue

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