Coastal Charm: England’s Seaside Villages

As picturesque as a postcard, the seaside towns of Southeast England are steeped in history and filled with captivating charm. From Sussex up to Kent, driving along the coastline provides an opportunity to visit these quaint villages with their endless appeal and the allure of centuries of salty sea lore.

Photography Kate Sears 

Time seems to stand still on Hastings Beach, as a thousand years of tradition and technique continue with the daily fishing brigade. Filled with a multitude of colorful boats, this stretch of shore is home to Europe’s largest beach-launched fleet, known as the Stade (Saxon for “landing place”). The ships slide into the water during high tide and are hauled out upon their return using mechanical devices, which was once accomplished with horses.  Above, right:Meander up the steep steps (or take the funicular) to the hillside town. Behind the multicolored doors, each with its own distinctive brass knocker, live the families of the fishermen, as well as a growing community of artists. Knowledgeable guides filled with enthralling stories conduct tours throughout Hastings.

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