Christmas Ornaments from Inge-Glas of Germany

Artistry in Glass

A thriving cottage industry that began more than four hundred years ago, Inge-Glas of Germany continues to create gleaming mouthblown and hand-painted heirloom ornaments for a new generation of collectors.

Artistry in Glass

Guided by passion and perseverance, Inge-Glas of Germany celebrates a beautiful story that, after four centuries, is still being told. Immersed in the glassblowing industry since 1596, the Müller-Blech family worked diligently to perfect the craftsmanship of mouth-blown Christmas ornaments from their Lauscha, Germany, workshop. The brilliant artistry that evolved from the family’s long lineage was halted only briefly when Russia occupied Lauscha in 1951. It was at this turning point that thirteenth-generation descendant Heinz Müller-Blech fled his homeland at the age of 14 to cross the border into West Germany, smuggling many of the family moulds and glassblowing tools with him. 

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  1. This is wonderful! I am so in love with these ornaments! I was able to locate a couple that I liked on eBay and look forward to receiving them in time for Christmas! Thanks again Victoria magazine!


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