Charming in Blue & White

Charming in Blue & White

Azure skies with cotton-wisp clouds, freshly pressed pinstripe shirts, enchanting scenes deftly depicted on dinnerware—has there ever been a cheerier combination of colors than blue and white? Easily incorporated into any genre of home décor, from French Country to Scandinavian to Early American, these complementary hues brighten interiors with their crisp contrast and classic style.

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  1. Blue and White in decoration is sublime and so classic – it never goes out of style and always looks fresh, clean, and exudes genuine richness.

    Besides room decoration, it is also perfect for your dining table – beautiful china, linens, and other objet D’art turns any gathering into a sophisticated event !

    Add a little gold and a few mahogany pieces – and any room becomes perfect !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. I found you in Victoria’s magazine for the internet and something you wrote just thrilled me to death.
    “….add a little gold and a few mahogany pieces–and any room becomes perfect ”
    Boy, do I have gold and mahogany pieces. I was downsizing and reluctantly took a few pieces to the consignment store who promptly told me that that stuff doesn’t sell anymore because it’s outdated. Well, I can assure you that I am outdated, too.
    I look forward to reading about you. Thank you for lifting my spirits.


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