Centuries of Loire

Centuries of LoireIn an area known for its spectacular châteaux, one of the finest truly stands out. Standing proudly atop the Châteliers promontory overlooking the Loire is royal Château d’Amboise, its spires pointing heavenward and mirroring the crowns worn by many of its former residents. Much of the castle dates to the 1400s, with additions and restorations resulting in its majestic present-day appearance. Leonardo da Vinci is intertwined with its long narrative; the multitalented artist and inventor contributed to some of the interior design and architecture, right, and he’s buried in a chapel on the grounds, left.

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Marcy Black Simpson

To learn more about lovely destinations in the Loire Valley, see “Centuries of Loire” in the May/June 2020 issue, available on newsstands and at Victoriamag.com.


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