Celebrate Charming French Style With Our May/June Issue

May/June 2016 Issue Preview

Our annual French Issue! Explore the beloved region of Burgundy, where lush vineyards, historic cathedrals, and tempting culinary destinations await. In Beaune, meet a mother and daughter who introduce guests to Gallic cuisine through their cooking school and boutique, The Cook’s Atelier. Decorating inspiration abounds in a chic Parisian apartment, and our cache of blue-and-white finds offers elegant ideas for home and beauty. Plus: Visit the ancient hilltop village of Montmartre—an artistic haven often called the Playground of Paris.

Prince Edward Island Preview

The Winding Path to Avonlea 
Prince Edward Island, home of beloved author Lucy Maud Montgomery, served as inspiration for her well-known character, Anne of Green Gables. This coastal community is a perfect getaway for sightseeing and learning more about its rich history. 

The Cook's Atelier Preview

Food in the Gallic Tradition 
The mother-daughter duo opened The Cook’s Atelier to train local and international visitors alike on seasonal ingredients, regional wines, and provincial cuisine. They share favorite recipes from their popular culinary destination. 

Burgundy Preview

Exploring the Pastoral Setting of Burgundy 
Be transported to the charming region of Burgundy, France. Immerse yourself in its humble culture brimming with illustrious scenery and a storied past. 

French Impressionist Meal Preview

A French Impressionist Repast 
Celebrate French impressionism art with a midday repast. We bring you a menu inspired by the time period and the prized artists of the movement.

Our May/June 2016 issue is on sale at local newsstands or online

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  1. Have loved your magazine since I first discovered it years ago. Wish I could see the earliest editions that are long out of print that I must have missed. Is there any way for me to ever see those super early editions? Also I have a suggestion of a farm you might like to cover in Sebastopol,Ca. The name is Redwood Hills goat dairy and creamery. They are renowned for they’re wonderful cheeses,kefir and yogurt. They also breed fabulous show goats,and have won many ribbons for their beautiful animals that are super millers”. This farm has tours twice per year which are wonderful events for adults and children alike. Check them out!


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