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Never Kiss a Notorious Marquess By Renee Ann Miller

Never Kiss a Notorious Marquess by Renee Ann Miller

SPONSORED CONTENT The Victorian Fashion of Crinolines and Bustles By Renee Ann Miller, Author of Never Kiss a Notorious Marquess, The Infamous Lords Series Fashions changed throughout...
Never Deny a Duke By Madeline Hunter

Never Deny a Duke By Madeline Hunter

SPONSORED CONTENT Becoming a Lord By Madeline Hunter, Author of Never Deny a Duke, The of The Decadent Dukes Society Trilogy If one looks at a listing of the peerage...
How to Marry a Highlander

How to Marry a Highlander By Michele Sinclair

SPONSORED CONTENT Scotland’s Children By Michele Sinclair, Author of How to Marry a Highlander, The McTiernays Series Highland life in the fourteenth century is often idealized by...
Believe in Me by Ella Quinn

Believe in Me By Ella Quinn

SPONSORED CONTENT Traveling Europe in the Nineteenth Century  By Ella Quinn, Author of, The Worthingtons Series  My latest book, , takes place as my characters are traveling across Europe. The story is set in 1818, so...
Lady Notorious By Theresa Romain

Lady Notorious By Theresa Romain

SPONSORED CONTENT Bow Street, Bounties, and Bribes:  Policing during the Regency By Theresa Romain, Author of  Law enforcement in England during the Regency—the 1810s—was unlike the system we’re...
Lucky Creek Lady by Shirley Kennedy

Lucky Creek Lady by Shirley Kennedy

SPONSORED CONTENT How Women Brought Law, Order, and Refinement to the Old West By Shirley Kennedy, Author of , Book 3 of the In Old California...