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Preview our September 2022 British Issue

Preview Our September 2022 British Issue

As September ushers in the first golden days of autumn, we celebrate this heart-stirring season with an enchanting trip to the United Kingdom for...
Letters from Victoria: Home Sweet Home

Letters from Victoria: Home Sweet Home

From quaint cottages looking over symphonies of roses to high-rise apartments perched amid the clouds, the places that we call home are always as...
Fourth of July

Letters from Victoria: Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is everyone’s favorite summer celebration. But beyond the cookouts, fireworks, and fun there lies a deeper significance. Here, readers share...
Sip a Floral-Infused Artisanal Cocktail

Sip a Floral-Infused Artisanal Cocktail

When a coterie of talented friends—professionals who met through their varied careers in flower-related fields—gather to enjoy “Creative Days” at Weatherlow Farm in Westport,...
A Tastemaker's Victorian Paradise

Hamptons Respite: Kelli Delaney Kot’s Victorian Paradise

Sheltered beneath a trio of magnificent, century-old trees that lend their name to this picturesque property, Maple Shade is home to Kelli Delaney Kot,...
French Cottage 2022 Preview

Preview our French Cottage 2022 Issue

From the wooded countryside of Normandy to the lavender fields of Provence and every picturesque place in between, France brims with all the beauty,...