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Earl Grey Recipes

Sweet Tastes of Bergamot: Earl Grey Desserts

A quintessential British blend, Earl Grey is a black tea enhanced with the essence of bergamot. This small fruit boasts flavors reminiscent of orange...
Summer Sundrops: Five Favorite Lemon Desserts

Summer Sundrops: Five Favorite Lemon Desserts

Amid cheerful linens in shades of yellow and white, a bounty of freshly picked citrus finds its way to the table, as well as...
Our Favorite Summer Pies

Our Favorite Pies for Indulgent Summertime

The balmy summer months usher in golden afternoons spent strolling barefoot through lush fields and evenings illuminated by dancing fireflies. Enveloped in the warm...
Hayley Solano's Alice in Wonderland bookclub teatime

Tea with Alice in Wonderland

In collaboration with the Victoria Classics Book Club comes a fanciful fête themed to our Autumn 2022 selection, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll....
Watermelon Food Story

Summertime Slices: Refreshing Watermelon Treats

Cutting into a watermelon—its variegated green rind giving way to juicy red flesh—opens a gateway to childhood days, when playtime stretched as far as...
A Fête for the Fourth

A Fête for the Fourth

Whether cheering hometown heroes as they parade down Main Street or watching with rapt attention as fireworks illuminate the night sky, celebrate Independence Day...