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A Chanel perfume bottle and a gilt jewelry case both feature glass engravings. The latter sweetly reads “Flowers picked for Momma.”

Etched in Memory: Jennifer Reynolds Calligraphy Engravings

For centuries, artisans have chiseled intricate swirling scripts and ornate patterns into objets d’art to commemorate special occasions. Celebrating the best things in life,...
Reclaiming Bygone Grace

Reclaiming Bygone Grace

After years of hiding behind a curtain of overgrown shrubbery, a quintessential Southern vernacular house has been lovingly restored and is once again a...
Blue-and-white Wedgwood Queen’s Ware pieces are beautifully scattered atop the table.

Wedgwood Queen’s Ware: Worthy of the Crown

Bearing adornments as sophisticated and enduring as the brand itself, Wedgwood’s Queen’s Ware patterns have remained in the hearts of collectors for generations. Mingling...
The mantel, often dressed in Christmas stockings, now bears simple evergreen garland and silver candlesticks.

How to Transition Holiday Décor for Wintertime

After Christmas, as the glow and laughter of heartfelt celebrations begin to fade into memory, there is still abundant room for bliss. Though it...
A single candle sits affixed to the branch of an evergreen tree. Right: Laid out in a pleasing pattern, wooden snowflake-shaped ornaments await being placed upon the bough.

Hygge Christmas: Tidings from an Arctic Eden

In Scandinavia, winter seems to emerge from behind the glass of a snow globe: Evergreen boughs hang beneath silver frosting, reindeer wander among the...
The dining room at Wakefield is decorated for the Christmas holidays with twin trees and a beautifully set table.

Christmas at Radiant Wakefield

Celebrating the Yuletide season is always a joyous occasion at Wakefield. Built during the 1840s by John Gulley, the home took seven years to...