Carolyn Aiken:
Where Love Grows

Carolyn Aiken: Where Love Grows

It’s late spring on Prince Edward Island, and all of nature seems to be joined in a floral jubilee of color and scent. Not far from where author Lucy Maud Montgomery set the beloved book series, Anne of Green Gables, a gardener weaves her own story in halcyon surroundings. 

As Carolyn Aiken takes an early morning stroll through her garden in the idyllic Canadian community of Warren Grove, the cheerful lilt of birdsong and the staccato whirr of darting dragonflies blend in a stirring symphony that accompanies her steps. The 100-year-old farmhouse—where she and her husband, Andrew, raised their seven children—sits amid ten peaceful acres, with a meandering brook and a large pond completing the rustic scene. It’s close to the city but feels miles away from the bustling pace.


  • This article in the newest May/June 2017 issue of Victoria is by far my favourite…. When I saw the first page of this article with the gorgeous Lilac tree, I was hooked!

    What a beautiful garden and property to visit! This place is breathtaking and peaceful all at the same time.

    Carolyn has done a tremendous job of incorporating many of God’s most beautiful creations into a perfect location to call home !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  • Re-“Left: Carolyn anchored a pretty springtime vignette with a pastel rainbow of delphiniums plucked from her garden.”

    Those are not delphiniums but LUPINS that grow wild everywhere in P.E.I.

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