Business of Bliss: Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms Victoria magazine

Becca Stevens founded a cottage business with a vision of healing that extends to the body, the the earth, and to women’s lives.

Thistle Farms Victoria magazine

Founded in 2001, Thistle Farms is a cottage business built around the premise of caring and concern for others. Each handmade product is designed to be kind to the environment and body. Entrepreneur and author Becca Stevens, an ordained Episcopalian minister, visualized a female-run business with the mission of healing other women. In achieving her dream, she was inspired by the belief that “love is the most powerful force in the world for effecting social change.”

Thistle Farms Victoria magazine

Thistle Farms employees are residents or graduates of a two-year sister program that focuses on the recovery of homeless and abused women. During this transitional period, the program’s staff members work to address the women’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, while mentoring them on how to achieve personal and financial independence. The women create candles, salt scrubs, body lotions, and balms infused with luscious scents–Lavender, Citrus, Vanilla, Rose Grapefruit, and Tuscan Earth–that evoke a love of life and nature. Thistle Farms also publishes a selection of inspirational books written collectively by the women in the community. 

To read more about Thistle Farms, see “Consider the Thistle”, in the January/February 2009 issue of Victoria magazine.

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