The Brushstrokes of the Maker: Inside the Annieglass Studio

Annie Glass

Slumping is an age-old glassmaking technique, but visionary artisan Annie Morhauser has perfected it. Today, her work sits in museums like the Smithsonian, where it is now part of their private collection.

Annie Glass

Annie Morhauser seeks the beauty in imperfection, adhering as she does to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. But in the Annieglass collections, most appreciators would have difficulty finding anything amiss. Her focus is on form as well as function, and the “slumping” technique produces work that is both unique and strong. “The result,” she says, “differs from traditional glassblowing, not only in its special translucent textured finish, but also in its remarkable durability: the glass becomes tarnish- and chip-resistant—and dishwasher safe.”

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