The British Issue: A September 2020 Preview

The British Issue: A September 2020 Preview

As a gentle gilding of the landscape announces the impending arrival of fall, crisp breezes whisper a warm welcome to this cherished season. September beckons us to England, where our perennially popular British issue offers escapes to storied sites in London, such as Columbia Road, Watts of Westminster, and The Milestone Hotel. Balancing these dreamy destinations, inspiration also abounds for enjoying the sanctuary of home. Find cozy interiors, autumnal fashions, and recipes perfect for serving to loved ones during afternoon tea.

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  1. My husband and I stayed in The Milestone Hotel. Our days spent there were lovely, they scattered Rose petals everywhere he n our room one evening while
    we were out! Dining was excellent and the tiny bar reminded us of
    The horses we used to have! We had been expats living in London’s Belgravia in late 1980’s – mid 1990’s. It was wonderful attending the Queen’s garden party. Diana came over to talk to a gentleman next me! She was sweet, lovely and very kind, and she smiled at me! It was wrong of Charles to be so mean to her, I hope
    he does not inherit the throne, Camilla is not suited to be a duchess! God Bless Prince William and his adorable wife Kate.
    London is Wonderful!


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