Book Review: Jan Karon’s Come Rain or Come Shine

Jan Karon

Beloved author and former Victoria Writer-in-Residence Jan Karon welcomes us back to Mitford with her well-crafted continuation of the life story of Father Tim Kavanagh, his wife Cynthia, and an immense host of familiar characters. Jan’s new volume, Come Rain or Come Shine (G. P. Putnam’s Sons), was just released and is now available in bookstores and on

An event we have waited for throughout the previous twelve books of the Mitford saga comes to pass in the pages of this latest novel. Years before, the Episcopal priest opened his heart to a young boy in need of love and the security of a home. That boy, Dooley, was later adopted by Father Tim, as well as by readers of the series. Fans of Jan’s work will recall that Dooley Kavanagh became the recipient of Miss Sadie Baxter’s wealth—money that funded his college education and veterinary-school tuition. Now, he is on the brink of graduating from vet training and has purchased a farm and a veterinary practice.

“Save the Date” cards have been delivered to friends far and wide, and the wedding date is set! Yes, the young doctor and his sweetheart, Lace Harper, will tie the knot at last. Filled with down-to-earth wisdom and details that allow Mitford to live in our memories long after we have turned the last page, Come Rain or Come Shine captures the emotions of the weeks preceding the ceremony. The story features unexpected plot twists that only Jan could bring to this gracious tale of people living ordinary lives in a mountain community much like Blowing Rock, the North Carolina town that has served faithfully as the model for Mitford.

This book could be a gateway for another new generation of characters who will one day populate Mitford and Meadowgate Farm.

—Barbara Cockerham, Editor

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