Berried Treasure

Berried Treasure

Gems gathered by little ones soon find their way into delights such as a nourishing Four-Berry Smoothie Bowl, complemented by almonds and chia seeds.

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  1. Well I buy the magazine “specifically” for the recipe Raspberry Mousse Cale p.34 and Lo & Behold when I get it home to read and obtain recipe………OHHHH NOOOOO… recipe for that cake in the magazine. It did have recipe for other featured dishes/drinks on website but NOT that. It said for recipes go to website, which I did. I find this intolerable that they LURE you in and then do not provide the information. I will make sure I advise all my friends & relatives of same, so they don’t get fooled by thinking the recipes are all going to be there. Never have I had this happen to me in any other magazine. Fool me once but not twice.

    • Hi Sharon,

      We are sorry to hear your frustrations. The Raspberry Mousse Cake featured in this web post is also in the July/August 2019 issue like the post mentions. You can find the story beginning on page 33 and the recipe for the dessert on page 105. We hope this was helpful.

      The Victoria Team


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