Step-by-Step: Assembling a Stunning Summertime Bouquet

Capture the beauty of the season with this romantic bouquet, created by floral designer Erin Benzakein. Follow Erin’s step-by-step instructions on how to assemble this lovely summertime arrangement.

Step 4
Layer in a collection of supporting blooms smaller than the main flowers. (Erin’s bouquet includes ‘Kathryn Morley’ roses, ‘Scabiosa Yellow’ zinnias, and Collarette dahlias.) For the finishing touch, tuck in a few stems of an airy plant to fill out the arrangement—feverfew is a lovely ingredient for this task. 

Photography Georgianna Lane 

To learn more about Erin Benzakein, see “Floret Flower Farm: Gleanings from the Garden.” or page 41 of the Gardens of Bliss 2018 issue of Victoria Classics. 

Gardens of Bliss




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