Annie Sloan: Brushed with Brilliance

Annie Sloan

For artist, author, and entrepreneur Annie Sloan, all the world’s a canvas and most every surface merely another opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Annie Sloan has turned her passion for art into one of the most inspiring home décor businesses in the world. Together with her husband, David, and their family, Annie has crafted an entrepreneurial model that coincides with the high quality and custom appeal of her signature Chalk Paint®.

Though Annie Sloan’s reach is global, her approach is local. She works with a network—which is actually more of a community—of small business owners dubbed “stockists” to distribute her books and wares. According to David, Annie knows each of them by name, and it is important to her to stay connected.

Annie Sloan at work
With stockists around the world, Annie spends much of her time traveling and teaching. Ever the innovator, she continues to come up with new ways to work with Chalk Paint®—from reviving dated fabric to transforming would-be castaway furnishings.

From stencils to washes and stains to stamps, Chalk Paint® can be used in a variety of ways. The unique hues are also carefully crafted, inspired by Annie’s travels and experiences and designed to work alone as well as in combination. Rustic, refined, bold, chic, charming—the looks are limitless.

Text Andrea Fanning
Photography Stephen DeVries

 To learn more about Annie Sloan, see “Brush with Brilliance” on page 101 of the September 2016 issue of Victoria.




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