An Elegant French Interior

Elegant French Interior

This home is hidden off an alley in a one-thousand-year-old fishing village so anchored in history, it boasts roads built by the ancient Roman engineers. It is filled with French antiques, pieces Cory carefully chose and arranged just so to create a constant source of serenity and to help stave off the kind of homesickness that only an expat can feel.

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  1. I love France and your magazine. My great great grandmother was from France. She moved to England to be a Governess at the age of 19.
    I found her information thru geneology. Her maiden name and her first name are the same as my name- Elizabeth Phillips

  2. I have loved your magazine for years.
    I lived in France for many years and just love the country side and the old building and villas .
    Thank you for the years of enjoyment I get by reading your Magazine.


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