Along the Garden Path: Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

 Above left: Dainty single blooms of Paperwhite Nir peek from delicate bottles. Above right: Fragile camellia blossoms are lovely in both form and fragrance. 


  1. Houseplants can certainly brighten up wintry days. Sadly, they are mostly green. This year, moving to a new home with large sunny windows and patio doors has given the advantage of coaxing winter blooms. Although my new camellia plant dropped most of its buds, a few rosy blooms made up for their lack. And then some rare diligence on my part last spring has given the enjoyment of amaryllis blooming for the last couple of months.
    I decided to repot about two dozen bulbs last May and faithfully watered and fertilized them during the summer after I lined them up on the patio. A dry spell hit at the end of the summer and I neglected them, fortunately. Then I began watering them the first few days of November. The week before Christmas, I was rewarded with the first blooms and they have been flowering ever since. I cannot express how much those colorful blooms have blessed me, and the white snow outside the window is the perfect backdrop!


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