Ahmad Tea: A Family Affair

Ahmad Tea
Tea tasting of Ahmad Tea‘s expansive selection.

In order to sell these high-caliber teas, Ali says that each batch sold goes through an extensive selection process. Quality control is one of the most important aspects to procure the best product for patrons, he reports, and every step of the teas’ journey is monitored with great care. The company relies on the palates and experience of 25 certified tea tasters to ensure clients receive the best flavors in each blend that is sold. Each tea is tasted at least seven times, from when it’s initially bought to when it ships, prior to reaching customers.

 “Tea is our business,” he notes. “It’s the only business we’re in, so we’re making sure that it’s done well.” Among the many different products sold, Ahmad Tea sells about 70 to 80 different teas and blends in bags or loose-leaf form. According to Ali, one of the most popular products the company sells is the English Tea No. 1, which is a combination of black tea leaves from different countries blended with a touch of bergamot. Clients also have a variety of herbal and decaffeinated options from which to choose.


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