A Trio of Desserts Honoring Jane Eyre

Miniature White Chocolate Cheesecakes

Throughout our Victoria Classics Book Club autumn selection, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, the quality of fare enjoyed by the protagonist reflects the changing circumstances of her station in life. In Chapter 17, while the heroine serves as governess at Thornfield Hall, she relates an occasion when the housekeeper calls upon her to assist in preparing food for a grand event: “Mrs. Fairfax had pressed me into her service, and I was all day in the storeroom, helping (or hindering) her and the cook; learning to make custards and cheesecakes, and French pastry.” Although working in the kitchen was a task often considered beneath women of social status during this era, kindhearted Jane seems happy to lend a hand. Find similar joy in re-creating our menu of sweets, perfect for sharing with friends gathered to discuss this captivating tale of self-discovery and romance.

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