A Sense of Grace

A Sense of Grace

It took a work crew a full year to make the house habitable before Carolyn could turn her attention to making it a home. She had inherited from her artist-designer mother, Charlotte, an appreciation for antiques, as well as for modern trends—and an ability for mixing the two. She also shared Charlotte’s affinity for French style, but it wasn’t until Carolyn visited Paris for the first time that it became her passion.


  1. I have a collection of Victoria magazine for over 10 years. I love every page of it. Rarely can I find it in Manila. My copies come from my sister in Houston or my daughters in New York and Hong Kong. A Victoria magazine is the best present I can get when they come home. In this lockdown, I enjoy every page of them. None ever looked outdated. They are timeless and priceless. Mabuhay! (Long live) from Manila, Philippines!


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