A Homes & Antiques 2019 Preview

A Homes & Antiques 2018 Preview

With this exploration of the exquisitely curated bibelots featured in the Homes & Antiques 2019 issue from Victoria Classics, we illuminate the lore behind cherished and antiquated objects, take a look at select private collections, and present advice from seasoned experts.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite Homes & Antiques features: A Homes & Antiques 2018 PreviewLegacies & Lore
Collectibles are an extension of the personality and the finishing layer that brings surroundings to life. Discover the fascinating history behind architectural remnants, antique boxes, cameos, and more.

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  1. Victoria Magazine is my favorite magazine. I collect them since 1994. I am always thrilled with each issue and it’s so exciting every time I see the cover of a new one. I can’t wait to get the special edition Antiques issue!!!. Also love the French and English issues.

  2. So happy to have received my copy of this special Classics issue ! I’m delighted to see Victoria highlighting other areas of interest other than “tea” and “French” themes.

    This special issue covers a myriad of interesting topics including both decorating, and collections – The highlighted collections of ink wells, sterling compacts, hotel silver, tole ware, etc… is really wonderful. Very inspiring !!

    I hope other Victoria fans will love this special issue as I do and hope to hear from all of you about what you love (and even dislike) most.

    Victoria – are you considering offering a subscription for the “Classics” issues ? That would be very helpful and timely for all of us who struggle to find local sellers.

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  3. This is such a beautiful issue, filled with all the things I love, antiques! Thank you for including my FrenchGardenHouse Antiques and allowing me to share my passion for toleware with Victoria’s readers. This magazine will be a keeper forever.


  4. I love collecting antiques in our local Old Town Temecula, Goodwills, EBay, and at the Salvation Army. Victoria Magazine inspired our Advent wedding 1996. We we were originally planning a Spring wedding, but my sister showed me the 1995 Winter edition of Victoria Magazine and I fell in love with the idea! I convinced my fiancé to wed in Winter! We had Topiaries as centerpieces, white chocolate cherubs and gold clay cherubs as wedding favors, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, forest green velvet dresses for the bridesmaids. My favorite piece of our wedding day was the custom, cherub, embroidered ring pillow and the cherub ring box that would hold our coins for our Catholic wedding. The flower girls wore beautiful dresses inspired by a photo in that issue. It was a girl in a white dress and forest green velvet pea coat. I’m a calligrapher and floral watercolor color artist and I design wedding and tea party stationery. Thank you for always inspiring me!


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