A Hearthside Repast

A Hearthside Repast

The culmination of this celebratory meal includes a truly indulgent pairing, pictured above. Bourbon Molasses Eggnog—prepared eggnog enhanced with cream, liquor, and thick syrup—rises to the occasion in crystal stemware. Crowned with torched meringue, the beverage is presented alongside Dark Chocolate–Caramel Truffles with Sea Salt, decadent confections that won’t soon be forgotten.

Text Melissa Lester
Photography Stephanie Welbourne Steele
Recipe Development and Food Styling Rebecca Treadwell Spradling

For more festive recipes and inspiring tablescapes, see “A Hearthside Repast” on page 113 in the November/December 2017 issue of Victoria magazine.



  1. This November/December 2017 issue is quite spectacular – and one of my very favourites for all of 2017 !

    The rack of Lamb and the wonderful Egg Nog specialty drink look amazing and almost too perfect to partake of – but alas, after a moment or two the overwhelming scents and sights would be too much for anyone to pass up !

    Merry Christmas to all the staff of Victoria as well as all my fellow Victoria fans and friends!

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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