A Christmas Story: Letters from Our Readers

A Christmas Story: Letters from Our Readers

The winter holidays are a time for warm and cheerful gatherings of friends and family, a time for sharing and spinning yarns by the hearth. Our readers reach out to share their Yuletide storytelling traditions and those most beloved of treasured tales and memories, held near and dear to their hearts.

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  1. Oh ! What lovely stories ! This caught me at just the right time as I am reflecting on my own Christmas’s with family and/or friends over the years!

    Today is excruciatingly cold with wind chill warnings – just the right day to read through the Nov/Dec issue of Victoria as well as the most recent Classics Holiday issue ! A lit fire and a hot cocoa in a festive mug make this a perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy the memories of so many lovely ladies who shared their stories above ! Thanks !

    God Bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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