A British Menu: Irish Soda Bread, Whole Trout, and Stout Cake

A British Menu

In September, when the weather turns gloriously crisp and cool and friends come to call, serve a hearty British menu of traditional harvest recipes popular in the United Kingdom.

A British Menu

A banquette arranged with plump cushions invites guests to settle in for a delicious meal. With the table nestled near an open window overlooking a canopy of leaves, this cozy corner evokes the allure of a leisurely autumnal afternoon in the English countryside.

A British Menu

Developed in the early 1800s, when few homeowners had ovens, basic Irish soda breads were prepared over smoldering coals in lidded cast-iron pots. Leavening with baking soda instead of yeast made the buttermilk-infused dough less perishable and more economical. A crunchy crust of seeds and oats adds pleasing contrast to our smooth Parmesan-and-Pepper loaf.

A British Menu

Full-bodied ale enhances the batter of this classic Stout Cake. Cloudily ripples of toasted meringue balance the dessert’s robust chocolate flavor, while drizzles of whiskey caramel echo its depth.

Menu Recipes
Baked Whole Trout
Parmesan-and-Pepper Irish Soda Bread
Stout Cake with Whiskey Caramel and Toasted Meringue

This menu can be found on page 31 of the September 2015 issue of Victoria.

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  1. For the Stout cake the pan size only says 9″. I put it in a 9″ x 1&1/2″ and its flowong over the sides. How deep should the pan be?


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