2019 Holiday Event: Keynote April Cornell

“I think customers see themselves in our products. There is an emotional connection through the color, the femininity. You could say they find their fashion home, their kindred spirit.” —April Cornell

We are pleased to announce that entrepreneur and artist April Cornell will be joining us for A Victoria Holiday Event: Christmas in Asheville, North Carolina. Profiled in the March/April 2017 issue of Victoria, this talented watercolorist translates her vibrant paintings into romantic, timeless wares for table, home, and wardrobe. April will take the stage during our first session, followed by the reveal of a Victoria-exclusive product collaboration. We hope you’ll join us and this wonderful entrepreneur this November!

Will you join us in Asheville, North Carolina, November 10–12, 2019? Don’t delay, spaces are limited.


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  1. I have loved Jan Karons writing since the first book came out. I gave my mother the first one
    and she read them over and over. My father had just passed away and they were her way to cope
    I made another friend a gift of the first one and she was off to the races. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to read all of them, but truly loved the ones she was able to read. Next I started my best friend on them, and she has thanked over and over. They are wonderful and I admire the author tremendously. Loved her pictures of her study in Victoria. My highest regard to Ms Karon. Sincerely, SHERRELL COCHRANE Leeds, Al


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