Our 2015 Writer-In-Residence and Artist-In-Residence

Artist and Writer in Residence

Meet Laura Hooper and Phyllis Theroux. These talented women will share their gifts of creativity within the pages of Victoria through remarkable calligraphy and thought-provoking words. We thing you will come to regard them as your friends during the next year.


Elegant calligraphy has been Laura Hooper’s calling card for the past nine years as she designs exquisite letter for wedding invitations and stationery, custom hand-drawn maps, place cards, and other chic objects for countless brides and grooms. Her passion for lettering, which began at age 12, led her to open her own artistic ventures, Laura Hooper Calligraphy and A Lucky Orchid Wedding, after graduating from California State University–Northridge. She has worked with high profile celebrities and companies for personal and corporate events, and her creations have appeared in numerous magazines. Laura resides in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband, Jeremy, and their two dogs.



Phyllis Theroux is an American author and essayist, whose most recent books include a memoir, The Journal Keeper; a novella, Giovanni’s Light; and a biography of a courageous Catholic prelate, The Good Bishop. Her first play, The Companion, about a woman with agoraphobia, debuted in Carmel, California, in 2014. She is compiling a book of stories about living in a small, tightly knit Southern town that feels like home. Phyllis, who was born in San Francisco, lives with her husband in Ashland, Virginia. Our 2015 Writer-in-Residence will be familiar to Victoria readers because of her contributions to early issues of the magazine. 


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    • Hi Tricia,
      We are open to considering a baker for our entrepreneur section! Do you have a business you would like us to consider?

  1. Re: your Writer-in-Residence. I read the info on this writer in this month’s Victoria. It says she is writing a series of novels or novellas on small town life in the American South. However, I could not locate any kind of an author website for her nor is anything remotely close to writing fitting the description in Victoria magazine this month. I would like to know if Ms. Theroux has these available? Are they published yet? If not, is there a release date for even the first? I do enjoy her writing but am puzzled about the “teaser” for this new series yet nothing seems to be shown on the internet and she does not appear to have an author’s website. She has an Amazon page but there’s nothing about a “series” mentioned there, either. Thank you. Hope someone can e-mail me with the answer to this question!


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